Trails Open normally the middle of May weather permitting. May 15, 2021 is the target date for Opening again weather permitting

Trails close the last Sunday of September

Roads and Trail Heads close the last Sunday in October

We have two trail heads.

-Our large one is on Peaked Hill Rd. in Bakersfield.  From Route 108 turn onto East Bakersfield Rd. Travel 3.4 miles then turn right onto Peaked Hill Rd. The trail head is on the right side just after the tree line less than one tenth of a mile up the road.

-A very small one is on Tyler Branch Rd. in Enosburgh at Vaillancourt Repair Garage. If coming from Enosburgh on route 108 turn left onto Tyler Branch Rd. If coming from Bakersfield on route 108 turn right onto Tyler Branch Road. Then travel 2 tenths of a mile and you'll see the shop on the left side of the road. Its a blue building. Park on the grass on the left side of the property. If you can't find a spot there you can park in the parking lot on the left side of the property. Just don't block any vehicles as it is a business and they are kind enough to let us use it.
To exit the trail head on your machine please use the road on the back side of the property that will take to you Grange Hall Rd.
The rules for using both trail heads and the road are:
1) You must be a VASA member
2) Please don't touch anything
3) Do Not spin
4) The speed limit on that road is 15 MPH
5) Stay on the road
If you see someone doing something wrong please talk to them. We are all about educating people.


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