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Vision Statement:
Northwest Vermont Wheelers promotes safe family oriented ATV riding in North West Vermont.

Mission Statement:

The Northwest Vermont Wheelers promotes safety, respect for land owners, and trail development by working with landowners, cities and towns and other organizations for ATV riding by all VASA members.

Objective Statements:
a. Promote ATV Safety at all times.
b. Promote Tread Lightly to help make a minimal impact on the environment.
c. Respect land owners rights and wishes.
d. Protect the land owner’s property.
e. Pick up Litter from trails
f. Promote Carry In Carry out
g. Work with Business Owners, Land Owners, Organizations, Cities and Towns to increase ATV trails.
h. Connect multiple trails into a larger statewide ATV Trail system.
i. Family Oriented fun for young and old.
j. Volunteer time to help this organization as well as others.
k. Make charitable donations to worthy causes that further the Northwest Vermont Wheelers and VASA Mission.
l. Develop and promote an annual youth safety course.

President: Tim Joyal
Phone: (802) 370-9045

Vice President: Emmy Burrington
Phone: (802) 393-2345

Treasurer: Cathy Keller
Phone: (802) 370-9362

Secretary: Kylie Charbonneau
Phone: (802) 210-5626



Board Members

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