July 13, 2019

North West Vermont Wheelers Meeting Minutes


Jeff called the meeting to order at 9:35am. He welcomed all members present and also welcomed guests Bill and Lynn Biddell.


Members present: Tim and Cathy, Jay Tilton, Dennis Goyette, John Clark, Jeff and Roxanne, and John McEnany II arriving just after the start of the meeting.


Minutes of the Secretary report were explained to be available via the website and on Facebook. No questions arose to the accuracy of the report. Jeff called to accept the report. Tim was first to accept the minutes and Cathy was the second.


Jay Tilton asked what time the meeting was scheduled to be. Jeff stated that after the change of venue for the ride because of trail washout at Tri-County it was difficult to get the notification out in a timely manner. Jeff apologized that many members were not notified in time.


Minutes of the treasurer’s report were explained to be available via the website and on Facebook. Cathy read the report as what is available online for viewing. Cathy voiced concern over the difference of POSs saying they are “Out” of TADs, when in fact the POS still has stickers, but not the applications. No questions arose to the accuracy of the report.


Jeff called to accept the report. Tim was first to accept the minutes and Cathy was the second. It was stated that both the Secretary and Treasure’s reports were closed together.


Trail Coordinator’s Report from Tim Joyal. Tim stated he was meeting with Ken from GMATV the same morning in order to work on hooking the two trail systems together. Tim also stated that hooking in with BLRR and Richford as they are close in location. Tim welcomed anyone who wanted to ride along was welcome. The goal was to see where the GMATV trails connected with the BLRR trails. It was stated that Richford does not have a lot of trails in their system as of yet and they were hooking into NWVW trails via the Pearly Rd. onto the Nichols Rd at the time.


There was a quick pause to view the deer crossing the field during the meeting.


Jeff stated that he signed the Waterville Mountain Road up to where GMATV Club has started posting signage. Tim and Jeff discussed addition signage they put up along the trail. Tim discussed the gate placed at the edge of the Mercier property as requested by the owner so he can lock it up in the off season. Tim checked on the Bluto Rd. and found that a maple business prevents the use for non-owners. Discussion was to bypass the “Arena” to keep the trails safe for riders.


Tim apologized for missing the trail training. He stated that the BOD said that it went really well. It was discussed that Matt Cote went to the training.

Jeff made a motion to accept the trail coordinator’s report, Dennis seconded the motion all were in favor.


BOD meeting was short. Topic of the Novak meeting was really good. VASA has been busy with trail work. Total clubs for VASA is now 22 for the state. The VASA office now has a part time employee that enters TAD information.




T-Shirt Sales: Order was in and Jeff was just waiting for the business to call for pick up.

The hat and t-shirt logos needed to go through the beginning cost for screen print set up. The club was prepared for that. NWVW gear can be ordered online through the club website. There is a 2.2% fee if Cathy runs a credit card via the machine where she works.


Raffle Tickets: Up to 150 tickets sold. Members need to remember to sell tickets. It was stated that tickets could be sold at the Tyler LaMarche Memorial Ride. There was $1,565 in savings, leaving $1540 toward the raffle ticket sales.




Annual meeting is coming up. It was discussed if the club wanted to do a poker or bingo run. The annual meeting can be brought up at the next VASA meeting. Everyone would be welcome to come. It was discussed that hamburgers and hotdogs could be served as well as leftover meat from the VASA Event. To keep costs down it was agreed upon to go with Bingo since the club already has the supplies.


Cathy mentioned that Rosalie put out that she would like club presence at the dedication of the Lucas James Williams Memorial Field. It was agreed upon that the waters and sodas left over from the VASA Event would be donated to the dedication of the field, with Jeff making a motion and Tim seconding. All were in favor.


Tyler LaMarche Memorial ride was scheduled for July 27th. The fee for the ride was $10.00 with young kids riding for free. The money earned for the ride would be given to Tyler’s family. It was stated that the ride was being put on by Tyler’s friends. It was also discussed that the cost should be $10.00 per machine. The ride was to start at the Memorial Field in Bakersfield at 9:30 am. The ride was figured to be up around the BLRR trails since that is where Tyler liked to ride.


For anyone going to the dedication of the Memorial Field; it was asked that club t-shirts be worn to represent the club and the assistance given to her through the club.


No new business.

Jeff made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Cathy and Tim seconded the motion with all in favor.


Length of meeting 27 minutes.


Roxanne Curtis on behalf of Secretary