Brief Note from the NWVW President.
Please come to our planning meetings. These meetings are being held at the St. Albans Diner, in St. Albans, Vermont on the third Thursday of the month at 6 PM. There are dates open for the club to go to other areas in the state to ride other club's VASA trails. We can use your assistance in helping with the preparation of the Annual Meeting.
Thank you,
Jeff Curtis
NWVW President

Minutes of Meeting for North West VT Wheelers:

Northwest Vermont Wheelers
Minutes of January 17, 2019 Club Meeting
Officers present: Jeff Curtis, president; Tim Joyal, vice president & trails coordinator;

Cathy Keller, treasurer; Summer Ladd, secretary

Members present: Linda Bearor, Dewey, Landon Joyal, Todd Bohen, Matt Cote, Dennis Goyette,

Tim Bockus, John McEnanny, Roxie Curtis


Jeff Curtis opened the meeting by welcoming the members. Summer Ladd did not read the secretary’s
report as it had already been emailed to members after the last meeting and was up on the club
website. Todd Bohen made a motion to approve the secretary’s report and Matt Cote seconded it.
Secretary’s report approved.


Cathy Keller gave the treasurer’s report. There are no outstanding bills at
this time and the checkbook balance is now $1,254.48. There will be a bill for the Port’o’let when it gets
placed at the Peeked Hill Trailhead. Roxie Curtis made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and
Dave Ladd seconded it. Treasurer’s report approved.


Tim Joyal gave the trails report. Tim reported that he is working on a new map for our trail system. A lot of work is being done meeting with various towns
to try and not only extend our trail system, but to be able to connect with other clubs.


VASA News: Jeff Curtis, Roxie Curtis, Tim Joyal, and Cathy Keller all attended the VASA meeting. Jeff
reported that there are now 3,532 members in VASA. The following policies were discussed and
approved: Club Attendance; Trail Program Policy. Tim also reported that VASA has adopted “no hand
signals” and will use the Ride Lights on ATV’s. The first person in a group and everyone following will
show an amber light until the last rider who will show a green light to let on-coming ATV’s know that
there are no riders behind him. Jeff has been appointed to the Members and Events Committee; Tim is
on the Trails Committee; and Cathy was appointed to the Finance Committee.


Old Business: None


New Business: The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the calendar of events. Jeff informed the
members that our club would be hosting the June 8, 2019 VASA ANNUAL MEETING.

Summer Ladd, Secretary

Treasurers Report:

Checkbook beginnin Balance            $ 1,204.48
Income    Donations    $                           50.00    
    TAD    $                        -    
    TAD On line Sales    $                        -    
    50/50    $                        -    
    Sales of Club Merch.    $                        -    
        $                           50.00    
         Total Deposits    $     50.00
        Total Income    $ 1,254.48
Expenses    IRS    $                         600.00    
    TAD to VASA    $                         -    
    Portalet    $                         -    
    Office Supplies    $                         -    
        $                         600.00    
        Total Expenses    $        600.00
        Checkbook Balance    $         654.48
Saving Account as of 12/1/18            $           25.00
Interest            $                    - 
Saving Account as of 1/1/19            $            25.00


Treasurer Cathy Keller